Isuzu FAQs Explained

Does Isuzu Still Make Pickup Trucks?

Yes, Isuzu motors are still in business. The new Isuzu D-Max 2022 is proof that they are still in production.

How is Isuzu Pickup?

Their latest high rider Isuzu D-Max is a tough pickup with a great reputation for being a workhorse, remarkable towing capability, and good reliability.

Why Are Isuzu Trucks Expensive?

The rising prices of Isuzu trucks are due to the increased cost of production, transportation, and logistics. Isuzu D-Max 2022 price in Kenya is approximately 3 – 6 million Kenya, Shillings, depending on whether it is a single cab or a double cab, deluxe, or luxury.

What’s The Size Of An Isuzu D-Max Engine

This vehicle is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine of 2499CC that has unlimited engine power and reliability.

What is the load capacity of the N- series?

Payload/load capacity is dependent on several factors such as body type and body weight

Why is the engine size the same for the N- series while payload varies

4HG1 engine has a very wide range of coverage for its universal engineering design. We adopt different types of transmission, final gear ratio, and tire size among the N-Series to meet the customer’s need for a drivability

What is the average fuel consumption of the N-Series?

Fuel consumption is dependent on the customer’s usage of the truck. Average consumption is 6 – 9 km/h

What is the price of the N-Series?

Prices vary with different models.

Which options for cargo body can Isuzu provide for the F-series?

We provide tea, high side, dropside, bus body, insulated and closed container body. It all depends on the customer’s choice.

What customizations have been made for Kenyan terrain?

Our models have enough durability and capability to be used anywhere. Our final gear ratio and size are tuned well to consider the usage of the trucks in extremely hard conditions.

What is the advantage of buying an F-series truck?

The main advantage of buying the f-series is that it gives you better value for your money

How much is an F-series truck worth in Kenya?

Isuzu Kenya’s price list ranges from Ksh 5 – 11 Million depending on the model

What is the transmission in an F-series truck?

Some trucks come with a 6-speed manual transmission while the high-end truck comes with a 9-speed manual transmission.

What are the cargo dimensions for the prime movers?

Our cargo dimensions vary by model. Please download the spec sheet for more details

Can I drive the prime movers truck with a normal driver’s license?

No. You need a special heavy-duty driver’s license to operate a GXZ truck

What kind of business can I do with the GXZ truck?

The truck is widely used by various business types including construction, logistics, transportation, firefighters, and many more.

What is the price of an Isuzu MU-X SUV?

The latest 2022 Isuz mu-X price in Kenya is Kenya shillings 7.4 million.

What are the engine specs of this SUV?

These engines are driven by a 6-speed automatic transmission and give you the option of buying the Isuzu Mu-X 1.9L or Isuzu Mu-X 3.0L model.

What Does Isuzu Mu-X Stand For?

A 7-seater utility wagon manufactured by Isuzu, Mu-X stands for mysterious utility extreme.

Which is better, a Toyota Fortuner or Isuzu Mu-X?

A 2.7 petrol engine drives the Toyota Fortuner, while Mu-X is directed by a 1.9 l turbocharged diesel engine, which is more fuel-efficient.

Is Mu-X Front Wheel Drive?

Mu-X comes with three drive modes; LS-T, 2H(front-wheel Drive –high range), and 4H (All Wheel Drive-high range).
You can easily select the mode to engage with the 4WD mode, often referred to as part-time drive mode.

What Color is Mu-X?

The model comes in various colors, including obsidian gray, black mica, red spinal mica, silver metallic, and silky white pearl.